Philmont 2022

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Scouts help with Homewood Tree Inventory

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Troop 95 Scouts are serving the community by participating in the City of Homewood’s first urban forest inventory.

Read about it here in the Homewood Star: https://thehomewoodstar.com/news/tree-inventory-ongoing-across-homewood801/

Sea Base 2019

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DSC06760 (1)

Troop 95 Marine STEM Adventure crews  (Click photo for gallery)


Ancient History

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On November 12th, 2016, Troop 95 headed down to Anniston to view some artifacts from the biosphere and many different human cultures from around the globe at the museums. First we toured the Museum of Natural History. We saw elephants, lions, foxes, lizards, birds, dinosauria*, rodents, other mammals, amphibians, and the like. At the World History Museum, we viewed swords, daggers, flare pistols, blades, axes, maces, pikes, spears, lances, shields, combination weapons, a sword belonging to Benito Mussolini, and even Napoleon’s dressing room kit from when he was on house arrest! To sum it up, the Anniston museums were fun. (* or, more correctly, dinocrocodilia.)

Pinhoti Trail Backpacking Trip

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On October 15th, Troop 95 left for a one-day backpacking trip at the Pinhoti Trail with frame packs loaded down with tents, backpacking stoves, tarps, food, and water bottles.  Because of the drought, we couldn’t start a wood fire, so we improvised with an inflatable LED lantern on top of a Nalgene bottle. The scouts had a great time debating on whether the moon is made of cheese or just a hologram projected by the Soviet Union. Mr. Boyd told us the tale of Jack O’ [the] Lantern, and used a hollowed out rootabaga with a face carved in it and a rope handle as an example. Over all, the trip was AWESOME.

Summer Fun

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Summer Camp

At Summer Camp this year, our troop was involved in more than usual. For instance; at one of the campfire programs, we put on a skit, and some older did one of the flag ceremonies as well. As usual, we had fun at Camp A.C. Micahels, Comer Scout Reservation, and many of the scouts earned lots of merit badges.


On our Coosa Outdoor Center trip, we had a great time kayaking the Coosa River from the dam. Most of the adults and scouts capseized, and we stopped at several points to rest, eat, play, swim, and practice our emergency rescue skills, and it was great. The rapids were awesome, and the end of the stretch we kayaked on was right by our campsite. A great camp out for our troop.

Red Mountain Park

Recently, Troop 95 had a camp out at Red Mountain Park. There, we helped clear brush from an area on one side of the path. With 2 teams of scouts working with lopping shears and pack saws, we got the job done fairly quickly. We provided a total of 100 hours of service to RMP – 4 hours per person – with a national value of $2,365.00! That’s $6.50 a day for a year! Very fun, very helpful.

Astronomical Awesomeness

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IMG_1620Every few years, we go up to Monte Sano in Huntsville for a campout. It was exceptionally fun this year, because, besides the Planetarium show and Star Party hosted by the Von Braun Astronomical Society, several Scouts decided to make a “Hunger Games” mini movie. Also, we got to add another sticker to the Troop trailer! This year, the Society did a presentation on Jupiter the day we went. As of now, this campout is definitely one of the best outings of the year!

Fish, Food, Football, and Fun

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A Scout is cheerfully cleaning his freshly caught bass before cooking it

Most of the Troop camp outs during 2015 were full of rain events.  So far in 2016, the Troop has enjoyed much better weather.  In February, the Vulcan District Camporee has been very cold and wet.  This year we had mild temperatures and no rain.  For the March camp out, the Troop missed all the rain and cold by just a day.  The Troop got to camp next to a private lake filled with Bass.  It did not take long for the Scouts to catch a fish.  For some Scouts working on their Fishing Merit Badge, this was the first time they were able to catch a good size fish, clean it, then cook the fish. When the fish were not biting, the Scouts enjoyed playing around with a football.  As the day of enjoyment ended, patrols cooked some hearty dinners then relaxed by the fire.  It was a great camp out for fish, food, football, and plain old-fashion outdoor fun!

Webelos Crossover

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On March 14, 2016, Troop 95 was honored to participate in Pack 386’s crossover ceremony at Patriot Park in Homewood, Alabama.  Webelos left their Pack, crossed over the park’s bridge, and were welcomed into the Troop. Then all Scouts paraded up to the flag pole to recite the Pledge of Allegiance and receive their neckerchiefs.  Troop 95 is pleased to welcome our new Scouts!


New Scouts receiving their new neckerchiefs

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