Summer Camp

At Summer Camp this year, our troop was involved in more than usual. For instance; at one of the campfire programs, we put on a skit, and some older did one of the flag ceremonies as well. As usual, we had fun at Camp A.C. Micahels, Comer Scout Reservation, and many of the scouts earned lots of merit badges.


On our Coosa Outdoor Center trip, we had a great time kayaking the Coosa River from the dam. Most of the adults and scouts capseized, and we stopped at several points to rest, eat, play, swim, and practice our emergency rescue skills, and it was great. The rapids were awesome, and the end of the stretch we kayaked on was right by our campsite. A great camp out for our troop.

Red Mountain Park

Recently, Troop 95 had a camp out at Red Mountain Park. There, we helped clear brush from an area on one side of the path. With 2 teams of scouts working with lopping shears and pack saws, we got the job done fairly quickly. We provided a total of 100 hours of service to RMP – 4 hours per person – with a national value of $2,365.00! That’s $6.50 a day for a year! Very fun, very helpful.