Join Us!

So now you’re sold… Boy Scouts for me!!  But what’s next? 


1. Fill out the Youth Application below or fill one out at your first meeting.

2. Pay the annual dues of $(TBD).  This covers national dues, awards, a year’s subscription to Boy’s Life magazine, etc.

3. Purchase a “Class-A” uniform.  This is the official Boy Scout uniform consisting of the tan shirt, olive pants and socks, and BSA belt.  You can purchase a new uniform at the Scout Shop located in Liberty Park, or we can help you locate a gently used uniform. You will receive a handbook and neckerchief from the Troop so you don’t need to purchase those items.  You can also shop on-line at ScoutStuff.org.

But most important…

Let us know that you want to join…  we can’t wait to have you as part of the Troop!  Email or call us at one of the Contact Links provided.  We’ll do our best to quickly answer any questions and have you join us at our next meeting!

Application forms:

(The Troop has hard-copy forms available if you prefer not to fill them out online)

New Youth Application:

New Adult Application:

Transfer Form (Youth Member) 

Annual Health and Medical Form:

Parts A and B.

Parts A, B and C

Entire form (Parts A, B, C and D)

Uniform Inspection Sheets:

Boy Scout 

Adult Leaders 


Individual Boy Scout Record 

First Class Tracking Sheet 

Troop Resource Survey 

Activity Consent Form and Approval by Parents or Legal Guardian (Permission Slip) 

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