Webelos Crossover

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On March 14, 2016, Troop 95 was honored to participate in Pack 386’s crossover ceremony at Patriot Park in Homewood, Alabama.  Webelos left their Pack, crossed over the park’s bridge, and were welcomed into the Troop. Then all Scouts paraded up to the flag pole to recite the Pledge of Allegiance and receive their neckerchiefs.  Troop 95 is pleased to welcome our new Scouts!


New Scouts receiving their new neckerchiefs


Camporee 2016

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Vulcan District hosts a competition event each year  – Camporee.  Troops from the district compete in multiple events, from knot relays, to cross cut sawing, to first aid.  Each patrol competed in various events and had fun while doing it.  In addition to the competition events, Scouts can learn to make fire starters, cook, and how to make rope.  Troop 95 hosts the rope making station each year and teach Scouts how to make rope by either a machine or rolling it by hand.  Camporee is also a great venue for Webelos to learn about Troop life.  While the Troops are competing in their events, Webelos have a similar set of competitions.  After their events are complete, the Webelos get to camp with the Troops.  Troop 95 was happy to have Webelos visit from Pack 386.  The Webelos got to cook with the Patrols and learn what it is like to camp in a Troop outing.  The weather could not have been any better – warm and dry.  Traditionally, Camporee is wet and cold, so this year the Troop enjoyed great weather.


Honey Badger Patrol competing in the Trolley Race

Good Turn Daily

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Each Troop meeting the Scouts recite the Boys Scout’s slogan of “do a good turn daily”. Sometime’s the boys think they have to be part of a large service project to do their good turn. In an effort to show the Scouts that they can do something simple, the Troop organized a service project on January 31 that simply moved wood from a cut tree for a neighbor. Scouts formed a “bucket brigade” to carry large logs down a steep enbackment.


Scouts formed a bucket brigade to carry logs down the steep hill

Survival Campout

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A Scout making his survival shelter

When you talk to Scouts or adults who were former Boy Scouts and you mention the words “Survival Campout”, one word consistently is mentioned: Memorable.  On January 16, 2016, Troop 95 held a survival camp out and it was memorable.  The scenario was that the Scouts were on a two hour hike and get lost.  They had to use what was on them and had the opportunity prior to the outing to create a survival kit using an Altoids tin with what they thought they needed.

Once at the camp site, Scouts practice signaling, snares, and water filtration methods.  After eating their lunch from the hike scenario, Scouts were told they were now lost in the woods and should build a shelter to survive the night.  All afternoon, Scouts made their shelters in the hopes of staying dry and warm throughout the night.  With little chance of rain predicted, the Scouts thought they needed to focus on staying warm only.  After dropping to freezing weather, mother nature decided that the 30 percent chance of rain was really 3 hours of rain.  Scouts and leaders who participated learned quickly if their shelters were warm and dry.  For most, it was not the case.  Wind and rain showed most the error of their ways.

For dinner, Scouts were given some skirt steak and a chicken leg to simulate catching their dinner.  Scouts had to make their fires and devise a way to cook their catch.  From spearing their food to making a spit, Scouts were proud on their achievement on making their own dinner.  After the camp out, Scouts were asked how the outing went and what they learned.  All were enthusiastic and wanted to do it again.  Most of all, Scouts said this outing was memorable!

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Scouts posed at the Fellowship House after delivering the donations

Smiles were bountiful at the Fellowshop House last night as the Troop delivered hygiene products to the residences as part of an Eagle Project. The Scouts that helped got to witness first hand the outcome of a good deed of helping out those in need. What a great project from our latest Eagle candidate!

Eagle Project Service

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Scouts organized hygiene supplies for a local non-profit organization

Scouts organized hygiene supplies for a local non-profit organization

Troop 95 gathered at their Scout Hut on Saturday, December 5, 2015, to help the latest Eagle Scout candidate do his Eagle Project to help the community.  Scouts sorted and prepared hygiene supplies for the Fellowship House, a non-profit organization design to help people recover from substance addiction.  Scouts organized items such as toothbrushes, shampoo, and deodorants.  There were so many donations that it took two vehicles to transport the boxes from the hut.  Troop 95 continues to do a good turn for the community.

Honorable Visit

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Scouts listening to their honored guest

Scouts listening to their honored guest

Every week a Scout says the Scout Oath at the Troop meeting.  It starts with “On my honor, I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country…”.  In preparation of Veteran’s Day, Troop 95 received a visit from a marine sergeant at the Monday night Troop meeting.  The sergeant talked about military life, some of his duties, and what it means to do your duty to your country.  During the discussion, it also became clear to the Scouts what it means to be Loyal, one of the 12 parts of the Scout Law.  The Scouts were so enamored by the honored guest  that the hour session of the meeting had to come to an abrupt halt.  The Scouts could have continued the discussion all night.  Troop 95 wants to thank all those who are serving and who have served in our military!

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